Development Roadmap

Please see below recent and upcoming KulaHub developments. If you have any suggestions or requests, please contact

Many thanks
The KulaHub Team

Recent Developments

  • The facility to add a ‘Next Action Date’ when creating a note, this creates a basic task on the chosen date to boost efficiency when calling through data lists.
  • The facility to report on categories, this includes excluding contacts within specific categories from certain reports
  • Changing the ‘Settings’ tab in KulaHub to be two icons, breaking down user details and account settings
  • The facility to run graphical reports from your Sales Pipeline form, showing details of your sales funnel, user targets and source activity
  • Office 365 Integration with emails & the calendar
  • Xero invoices integration
  • UI Update – rebranding of the CRM colour Scheme and tidying up pages

  • Upcoming Developments

  • Being able to hide/expand sets of custom fields and form custom fields, improving the usability of any data capture
  • Zapier Integration & API – Allowing you to integration KulaHub with 1000s of apps and systems worldwide, improving automation and business processes
  • KulaHub App, improving usability for Sales Teams on the road
  • Flexible Dashboards – Allowing you to run graphical reports from any data you hold within KulaHub
  • Changes & Updates to the KulaHub Calendar, improving the Office 365 Integration

  • If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact for more information.